Are You On Instagram?

10 Nov

I appreciate all outlets of Social Media and can be found on them at any time throughout the day. Living in Las Vegas the last two years has truly been an adventure. And one I honestly NEVER thought I would get to experience!

My passion has always been to create. Create relationships, experiences, closet space, cosmetics, recipes. It’s what drives me, keeps me going. I have been very fortunate over the last few years to have made some incredible relationships throughout my social media accounts. Relationships that have now turned into business partnerships and friends for life. Seriously! It can happen. You never know who is out there and who you are destined to meet and why? As I always say…”Everything happens for a reason.”

Running up and down the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, prepping private jets hidden in hangers, sitting in meetings at some of the finest properties, looking for the closest outlet to charge my phone or glued to my laptop for 12 hrs. This would be a typical day for me.

If you are on Instagram, planning a trip to Vegas or just interested in what Sin City has to offer then please feel free to say hello and follow me here…

I’m looking forward to sharing MY Las Vegas with you…



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