Taking a Mental Health Day today!

10 Oct

Did you know that today is World Mental Health Day? As someone who struggles from anxiety I would like to share with you that today I have taken part of the day to recharge my batteries, meditate and just breath a little slower.

So basically I am taking a mental health day! Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health and a lot of people seem to forget that. I know I did. And for a very long time. That is until recently…

I have had to come to terms with my anxiety, going to my doctor appointments regularly (thanks to my new MS diagnosis) and really listening to my body. I am in control is what I like to keep telling myself!

Did you know that 3.3 million Americans suffer with an anxiety disorder? And that number just keeps on rising…

I wanted to share this today so that if you are struggling with anxiety or other mental health disorders, please know that you are not alone!

It is extremely difficult to share my health info sometimes but I know if I do it, I may be able to help someone else and that is the reason behind my posts! I started a private Facebook Group last week called Just For Us.***

***The JUST FOR US community has been created for anyone going through a tough time. Health, heartache or just in need of some happiness. This is a safe place for you to share your feelings, find a few friends and most importantly know that you are not alone!

My anxiety slowly snuck up on me. The first time I realized I had an anxiety issue was when I started taking a thyroid medicine. The pill I had to take gave me anxiety. So I then had to take a pill because of another pill, which was so annoying. That was eight years ago…

Today is a whole other story. I have MS and with that it makes it worse. Way worse. But I am taking control of it and doing what I know I need to do to feel OK in my own skin.

A few things that really help me are writing in my journal everyday. Meditation at least once a day. Getting fresh air and sunshine, and breathing. Slow deep breathes. And of course laughing as we all know that is truly the best medicine of all! Yes I take medication but sometimes that doesn’t always work. You have to really pay attention to what your body is telling you and of course listen to it. That is most important. And lastly. It is OK to have to take a mental health day. If you need a new environment or just to get out of your own head, DO IT!

Please be extra kind to people today as you never know what someone may go through. Speak up, be kind and listen…

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday…





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