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Quote Of The Day

2 Dec

So the other night while I was “pinning” away I came across this great Socrates quote. If you know a little bit about me you know that I loooove a good quote.I post them, I save them, I pin them on my cork boards in my office area. They are just something I like to have around to keep me going. I was searching for some much needed inspiration at the time. I was trying to get out of my own head and get my creative mojo back. Thank god for Pinterest! I mean seriously. You could spend the entire day pinning. It is SO addicting. But a good addiction none the less. I found a lot that has inspired me for some new projects which honestly makes me sooo happy. And it made my head feel a little lighter too! Yes that is possible! lol

This quote just really resonates with me for so many reasons. One of them being my MS and health issues I have going on. I knew I had to shift my energy, I could feel it. It was like I was living my days under a black cloud and could not escape. And let me tell you that is not a fun energy to have around AT ALL! Taking a ten to recharge is a must and now I AM ABLE to focus on “building the new”.

So the good news is I am feeling so much better and knew that I was on Pinterest for a reason to find this quote which I am sharing with you now! And now every Friday I will be posting a new quote of the day!

It is just something I am choosing to post about and put out there in the universe. Something positive for you. And to share with others if you choose to do so.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back on Monday.


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Take The Time To Breathe…

1 Dec

Happy December!

Wow! How is it almost 2017? This past year went by so fast…

Yesterday I wrote a somewhat long, very honest and maybe a bit emotional post on my LinkedIn page and cannot believe all the positive feedback I am getting. Which by the way just gives me more courage to post like this so keep it coming!

I just needed to take a break to breathe so I did. I needed to GET OUT OF MY OWN HEAD if you will. Anxiety is the worst. And sometimes I have anxiety about having anxiety. I mean really! Who has time for this?

Today I can honestly say I woke up feeling a bit refreshed and got a lot done. And slowly but surely I am getting my mojo back. I NEED MY MOJO BACK!

Today has been a good day so far and I hope you are having a fantastic one as well. I have spent a lot of the day just recharging myself and taking deep breathes for everything coming up both health and career wise. Everyone must take time to breathe and recharge. It really makes such a big difference in your every day routine.

If you are interested in reading my post on LinkedIn I pasted it for you below.

Let me know what you think.

Now back to creating my new cork boards…

Until next time…



Here I am sitting on my computer trying to get through my to-do list. I’m working at a pretty good pace (considering I’m only one coffee in) and I just got overwhelmed with anxiety. It’s the end of the month and I am usually in good spirits prepping for the next month. I have all my vision boards and work boards lined up. Just waiting to be loaded with content for December and I am just stuck. If you don’t know me by now I would just like to share with you that I am a very creative person. And have always been this way. I will have an idea and just run with it. Creating has never been a problem for me.

If you have been reading my posts over the last few months you are aware of my recent diagnosis of MS and yesterday I got more news. Without giving you ALL the details I will just say that my Doctor has ordered me to go to a physical therapy 3 times a week for the next 12 weeks to help with this new diagnosis plus all my drugs…

I have spent thousands of hours on my computer, tablet and phone doing as much research as possible. From early morning to late night hours. Even in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep. I try to stay as positive as I can. I try to stay away from Google but I don’t! And I know you wouldn’t either! It really is impossible. Throughout the last few months I have come across a number of people in my position as well as Twitter Chats, Facebook Groups and other online communities. This is where I go throughout the day for inspiration and motivation lately. However, everyone’s case is so different. Everyone has different pains but we have have one thing in common which is a chronic illness and we come together to keep each others spirits up. And I am so grateful that these exist.

There are quite a lot of people in these communities that choose not to tell anyone about their disease. No one at work, only a few friends and family etc. Some say it would hurt their career if they spoke up. Some think they would be fired.

I however am the opposite. I live online. My business is online and I use social media all day and night. I will never forget the day when I found out I had MS. I wrote a blog post a few hours later while screaming and sobbing. I had to get it out! Some say I should have kept it to myself because it could hurt my career and business. I had to tell the world. I wanted to know every single thing right then and there. Obviously I was scared but I wanted answers. Posting that day was MY only option. The best option for ME!

Later that night I was extremely overwhelmed because I received hundreds of texts, emails, calls, messages online and with so much information. More than I could even handle so I am glad I shared my story and continue to do so today. If there is just one person I am able to help I know I am doing something right. The more I talk about it the more I learn how common these types of diseases are. Everyone knows someone who knows someone etc.

As far as working goes I have good days and bad days just like anyone else. I am one of the most organized people you will meet in both my personal and professional life. I make sure to schedule out my week every Sunday. When I am sitting waiting for a doctor I am blogging, on social platforms, talking to clients etc. I don’t stop! This illness is not affecting my job and what I can handle! It is not preventing me from what I can do for a client and their business. I write everything down. It just means that I have to be more scheduled and that is a great trait to have!

I know when it is time to take a break now and I take one. Sometimes I even take a nap! I know I take naps now! lol The guilt of doing this is slowly going away because I know I need to do this for my health and of course sanity and to be the best at what I do!

Every now and then I feel this exhaustion settle in and I loose my creative flow and motivation. This is what is happening today. And by the way this can happen to anyone. It doesn’t mean my brain stopped working. It doesn’t mean I cannot handle the work of clients. It doesn’t mean I am incapable or working. It just means I need a minute to recharge. I have worked extremely hard my entire life! I have traveled the world doing so and now it is time for me to just take a ten so I can come back refreshed! Trust me I am the same hard working Kelly you know. I can promise you that!

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is being self employed. However, I chose this life. I choose not to have a full time job working for a big company. Yes, I have in the past but now it is my time to share all of that knowledge to help others. I know this is why I am here! This is where my Business and LinkedIn Coaching comes in. Some may say it doesn’t make the most sense given my circumstances now but I know in my heart that everything happens for a reason and no matter what I am never EVER going to give up. This is my journey and MY life and will just create more content for my future E! True Hollywood Story producers! Just kidding. See. I still have my humor….

Now…To sum this very long somewhat emotional post up…(Thanks for reading if you are still here) It is time for me to take a ten. AKA Ten minute break but more like the rest of the day to recharge and get my creativity back. I’m going to stay positive, productive, happy and healthy no matter what. Because I Must and Because I can!

I’m going to prep some healthy food and get to my vision boards and come back tomorrow December 1, 2016 stronger than ever because that is how I choose to finish my year! STRONG!

If you are still here thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today. It means so much you have no idea. And I love reading your comments and feedback. Please feel free to like and share my story if you know that it could inspire someone you know!

Until next time…




In other news…I still have MS

8 Nov

Another day, another feeling, another reason to work even harder both on a personal and professional level. I never imagined my personal health and business worlds would ever collide however they have.

And pretty soon I get to announce some ah-mazing, incredible and near and dear to my heart news!

I will be sending out a special announcement to my VIP’S tomorrow! If you would like to be on that list I would LOVE to be able to share this really important and EXCITING news with you too!

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Taking a Mental Health Day today!

10 Oct

Did you know that today is World Mental Health Day? As someone who struggles from anxiety I would like to share with you that today I have taken part of the day to recharge my batteries, meditate and just breath a little slower.

So basically I am taking a mental health day! Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health and a lot of people seem to forget that. I know I did. And for a very long time. That is until recently…

I have had to come to terms with my anxiety, going to my doctor appointments regularly (thanks to my new MS diagnosis) and really listening to my body. I am in control is what I like to keep telling myself!

Did you know that 3.3 million Americans suffer with an anxiety disorder? And that number just keeps on rising…

I wanted to share this today so that if you are struggling with anxiety or other mental health disorders, please know that you are not alone!

It is extremely difficult to share my health info sometimes but I know if I do it, I may be able to help someone else and that is the reason behind my posts! I started a private Facebook Group last week called Just For Us.***

***The JUST FOR US community has been created for anyone going through a tough time. Health, heartache or just in need of some happiness. This is a safe place for you to share your feelings, find a few friends and most importantly know that you are not alone!

My anxiety slowly snuck up on me. The first time I realized I had an anxiety issue was when I started taking a thyroid medicine. The pill I had to take gave me anxiety. So I then had to take a pill because of another pill, which was so annoying. That was eight years ago…

Today is a whole other story. I have MS and with that it makes it worse. Way worse. But I am taking control of it and doing what I know I need to do to feel OK in my own skin.

A few things that really help me are writing in my journal everyday. Meditation at least once a day. Getting fresh air and sunshine, and breathing. Slow deep breathes. And of course laughing as we all know that is truly the best medicine of all! Yes I take medication but sometimes that doesn’t always work. You have to really pay attention to what your body is telling you and of course listen to it. That is most important. And lastly. It is OK to have to take a mental health day. If you need a new environment or just to get out of your own head, DO IT!

Please be extra kind to people today as you never know what someone may go through. Speak up, be kind and listen…

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday…





New Website is LIVE!

3 Oct

Today is the day I have been waiting for and working towards for a while and thrilled I get to share it with you now…

I have redesigned and branded my WordPress website/blog for a softer, clean and classic look. Basically I wanted it to be easier for YOU to navigate around…

I know I have my hands in a lot so I wanted it to be clear of what exactly I have going on, what I’m doing and what is yet to come.

I have had to make moves in my career and personal life lately and could not be more excited and proud to be able to continue doing what I love and it is because of all of you and your support! Seriously…

My primary focus will be providing my Business and LinkedIn Coaching and training other small business owners and Entrepreneurs my brand new 15 Steps To Success program!

Practical Perfectionists, Landed In Luxury and Giddy Cosmetics will continue to grow and expand and I will have the patience to do that. I hope! lol

I’ll be posting a lot more delicious recipes under the KK Cafe page as well as painting the occasional face and blogging right here on LinkedIn as The Happy Workaholic

I am excited to continue my journey of what I am most passionate about which is helping and working with others and overall being a happy, healthy, positive and productive woman on a mission.

Please take your time, have a look around, sign up to receive my weekly newsletter (they will go out on Wednesday), follow me on my social media pages and of course let me know what you think! 

Thank you again for all of your support. I could not have done this without you! 





7 Sep

*From yesterday’s blog post on my LinkedIn page.

It’s been two weeks since my surgery and I am feeling better day by day. Thank god for my friends, family and doctors that have been with me personally and virtually over the last few months. There is absolutely no way I could have gone through this alone. Also, thanks to all of YOU for the messages and calls throughout my recovery especially sending me info in regards to my last post about my Multiple Sclerosis.

The last 14 days have given me A LOT of time to think about the most important thing in life which would be my health.Lots of difficult and emotional questions I have had to answer for myself. The number one thing I know I will have to do is reduce my stress level. I’ve decided that now is the only time I have to take care of myself and take control over my life and what is to come. You never know what the future holds and all we have is today.

That being said I have decided to make a number of adjustments in my career as well as in my personal life and cannot wait to share them with you very soon.

I don’t want to say when as some days are better than others. Take today for example…

I wanted to post this at 10 am and I’m just now writing it at 5 pm. However, once I’m done I will be able to check off my to-do list! And this will make me very happy as today is my first day back on my computer 🙂

I’m really looking forward to sharing my new lease on life with you and can’t wait to hear what is new in your world! Sharing is caring 🙂

My website will be getting a complete upgrade but the newsletters will not change. You can subscribe to them on the homepage of my website here.

Again, thank you so much for helping me along my journey and I hope by writing this here I am able to help someone else.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!




28 Jul

Practical Perfectionists is running a contest over the next few days.

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Don’t forget sharing is caring. Please and thank you…