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Quote Of The Day

2 Dec

So the other night while I was “pinning” away I came across this great Socrates quote. If you know a little bit about me you know that I loooove a good quote.I post them, I save them, I pin them on my cork boards in my office area. They are just something I like to have around to keep me going. I was searching for some much needed inspiration at the time. I was trying to get out of my own head and get my creative mojo back. Thank god for Pinterest! I mean seriously. You could spend the entire day pinning. It is SO addicting. But a good addiction none the less. I found a lot that has inspired me for some new projects which honestly makes me sooo happy. And it made my head feel a little lighter too! Yes that is possible! lol

This quote just really resonates with me for so many reasons. One of them being my MS and health issues I have going on. I knew I had to shift my energy, I could feel it. It was like I was living my days under a black cloud and could not escape. And let me tell you that is not a fun energy to have around AT ALL! Taking a ten to recharge is a must and now I AM ABLE to focus on “building the new”.

So the good news is I am feeling so much better and knew that I was on Pinterest for a reason to find this quote which I am sharing with you now! And now every Friday I will be posting a new quote of the day!

It is just something I am choosing to post about and put out there in the universe. Something positive for you. And to share with others if you choose to do so.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back on Monday.


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