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4 Nov

It’s here! It’s here! I’ve been wanting to create something for other Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that you could print out. Something that would keep you organized, motivated and accountable in both your personal and professional life. Well after some final edits I am SO excited to let you know that it is NOW AVAILABLE and FREE!

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Fun. Fearless. Focused.

21 Oct

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share with you something new! Fun. Fearless. Focused is a new Facebook Group. I created this group for 15 Steps To Success and 11 Lessons through LinkedIn clients, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

This platform will allow everyone to network as well as keep each other inspired and motivated…

If YOU are someone I described above I would love for you to be a part of this new group!

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17 Oct

Welcome Welcome Welcome to the first of 15 days of tips, tricks and strategies of my business coaching programs 15 Steps To Success and 11 Lessons through LinkedIn

15 STEPS TO SUCCESS and 11 LESSONS THROUGH LINKEDIN will be posted on my Kelly Ann Gorman Facebook page. Every day for the remainder of October I will be posting valuable tips, tricks and strategies on each program. An inside look of what I coach my clients!
8am PST: 15STS
4pm PST: 11LTL

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I’m now on Snapchat!

7 Oct

I mean I tried to stay away…

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6 Oct

Over the last few weeks I have been spending more time on Facebook. With that being said I would LOVE to follow all the pages that YOU have created and of course you can do the same for me (if you want)…

Please post your Facebook page link below so that we can all see it and let’s help each other out this week in improving our stats! I mean who isn’t working on that?

I will post my page links below and don’t forget sharing is caring. The more times this post is shared, the more people see your Facebook page which leads to more opportunities and connections that can turn into sales. WE ALL WIN!

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30 Sep

What makes a great LinkedIn Summary? What should be included? Should you style it like a resume or add your personality? Do you even need one? These are some of the most asked questions I answer in my LinkedIn Profile Coaching Services.

And guess what? This month I am offering 30 minute FREE consultations just for YOU. My LinkedIn followers! Why you ask? Because I have decided to pay it forward as I received a lot of my training complimentary. I also think everyone should be aware and knowledgeable of how one simple change on your profile will allow you to expand your connections and reach tremendously.

I know this as I indeed was that person a year ago not believing what an impact these little changes could have. Whether you are looking for a job, recruiting job candidates, getting back into the working world these simple changes matter and will change the way you look at this wonderful platform we know as LinkedIn!

So…If you are ready to get some FREE tips and tricks to spruce up your profile please message me or email me at kelly@kellyanngorman.com to book your appointment before all my slots are filled up. I still have a few this Friday and next week!

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29 Sep

Today is a great day! Over the last few weeks I have had to make some life and career decisions (as you know) and after many years of planning and weeks of finalizing I have decided to launch my brand new 15 Steps To Success today! This is a Business Coaching/Consulting Program that I have personally created. I am thrilled and very lucky to be doing what I love which is helping others! My original plan was to launch this on Monday but I just couldn’t wait! So here it is…


I have personally created 15 Steps To Success that will allow you to learn, grow and really LOVE what YOU do! I strategically put this system in place while taking examples from my very own experiences in business. I’ve lived and learned a few times over which has now allowed me the opportunity to be coaching and doing what I really LOVE to do and that is helping others!

I have designed some great business plans throughout my career which have had wonderful success and some that have just totally flopped. With that being said I have learned from my mistakes and also learned how to perfect anything that comes my way.

And now I am going to show YOU how it is done! Check out the 15 Steps To Success that I will be coaching you through so that we can make YOU dream a reality…

15 Steps To Success

1. Building Your Brand and Community

2. Logo and Layout

3. Do Your Research

4. Calculate Your Competition

5. Get Organized and Scheduled

6. Setting Up Social Media

7. WordPress Your Website

8. Blogging, Newsletters and Networking

9. Target Your Market

10. LinkedIn Coaching

11. Game Plan or Game Over

12. Keeping The House Clean

13. Planning Production

14. Make That Money

15. Do You

Pre-Launch pricing will be available until 10/2 and there are only 10 spots available. Please click the link below to read all about this fantastic program. Cannot wait to hear your feedback…

Click here to sign Up Now!…15 Steps to Success

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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