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New Website is LIVE!

3 Oct

Today is the day I have been waiting for and working towards for a while and thrilled I get to share it with you now…

I have redesigned and branded my WordPress website/blog for a softer, clean and classic look. Basically I wanted it to be easier for YOU to navigate around…

I know I have my hands in a lot so I wanted it to be clear of what exactly I have going on, what I’m doing and what is yet to come.

I have had to make moves in my career and personal life lately and could not be more excited and proud to be able to continue doing what I love and it is because of all of you and your support! Seriously…

My primary focus will be providing my Business and LinkedIn Coaching and training other small business owners and Entrepreneurs my brand new 15 Steps To Success program!

Practical Perfectionists, Landed In Luxury and Giddy Cosmetics will continue to grow and expand and I will have the patience to do that. I hope! lol

I’ll be posting a lot more delicious recipes under the KK Cafe page as well as painting the occasional face and blogging right here on LinkedIn as The Happy Workaholic

I am excited to continue my journey of what I am most passionate about which is helping and working with others and overall being a happy, healthy, positive and productive woman on a mission.

Please take your time, have a look around, sign up to receive my weekly newsletter (they will go out on Wednesday), follow me on my social media pages and of course let me know what you think! 

Thank you again for all of your support. I could not have done this without you! 





Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight

7 Jul

Happy Monday! Makeup Monday!  I cannot believe the response I received over the past week from my first Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight. I guess it goes to show you how many woman really appreciate all of our honest feedback and tips. That being said, I have decided to go back and ask Jolene a few more questions inspired by our followers on Social Media. Please read below for “Part Two” and check back next Monday to meet another Las Vegas Pro Makeup Artist.

KK: Do you have a signature look? Can you describe it to us?

JW: Well who doesn’t like a beautiful smokey eye? I’m definitely known for using several colors of eye shadow and blending them delicately into an amazing sultry smokey eye! And you can never go wrong with the classic cat eye and red lip.


KK: What are the most common beauty mistakes you see women making?

JW: I think trying to change your features instead of enhancing what’s most beautiful about your face is the most common mistake. I always run into women who show me photos and say “I wish I had her eyes” but the eyes they have are gorgeous and I’ll talk them into letting me enhance the natural beauty of their own and they’re always amazed! Accentuate the feature that makes you feel most confident whether it’s your eyes, lips or cheekbones then draw the attention to that.

KK: What advice would you give to someone looking to become a Professional Makeup Artist?
JW: I’d say live and breathe makeup! Look at photos, recreate looks on yourself and friends. My best friend Steven would let me do a full face of makeup on him every single night just so I could practice. Try to apprentice with someone or volunteer to do makeup for schools! We didn’t have YouTube or Google when I was just starting out but you bet your butt I would have been on there every day if we did. Beware of bad information.
Make sure that you do your research before trying a new trick or product on anyone’s face.
KK: Is there a specific type of makeup that you don’t enjoy doing?
JW: You know I never really enjoyed airbrushing makeup. When I went to school it was so new and the products weren’t really great but I’m learning they’ve come a long way and you can really get some amazing things done with an airbrush!
KK: Is there one specific artist you look up to? And why?
JW: When I first started, the Artist I really looked up to was Kevyn Aucoin. I loved his books. I still own them all and flip through them from time to time. Now there are too many to list. Makeup is truly an art and every day I’m amazed by the things I see!
There you have it! Some more exciting tips from a Pro! To follow Jolene on all her social media pages please click the links below…
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