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28 Mar



Landed In Luxury is a Luxury Lifestyle Brand that creates and executes luxury experiences, services, travel, event productions and brand awareness. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best service possible when called upon for your every need.

Over twenty years of experience has allowed our team the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind collections for the individual and/or company seeking great comfort and for those who expect seamless service. We plan, design, brand and execute making sure every request is met with complete satisfaction. Services are currently available throughout the United States; with a focus on Las Vegas.

When designing our luxury experiences we had a number of individuals in mind. The art collector, athlete, shopper, sports fan, beauty connoisseur, foodie, mixologist, adrenaline chaser and fitness buff. Our services are state-of the-art and tailored to your specific needs. We provide on-call personal assistance, music consulting, tour production, executive protection, wedding planning, beauty professionals and a top-notch disinfection program for your home, tour bus, office, yacht and/or jet. And those are just to name a few.

Attending an event should be the best experience you share with friends and coworkers and we create that. We have an in house production team, a wide range of musicians and the best brands who we strategically place to enhance the overall atmosphere of every event we produce. Our focus is to align, design and most importantly turn your vision into a reality.

Branding is a necessity for every business. Our highly dedicated and qualified team will provide brand integration for your product or business within an array of current films, tv shows, music videos, award shows. Celebrity endorsement services can also be provided upon request. Interested businesses may contact us here and visit our LinkedIn Company Page  for up to date product placement opportunities.

Luxury Travel is where Landed In Luxury began and the backbone of our company. We offer private jet travel with in-flight services, helicopter flights, yacht charters as well as hotel accommodations and concierge. Branding and advertising services are also available on requested charters.

For all up to date launches, news and announcements please follow Landed In Luxury on our social media pages below.







Landed In Luxury

2 Dec

Landed In Luxury is here! Landed In Luxury is a group I have designed for business professionals involved in the aviation, hospitality, luxury and service industries. It is a place to network, engage and experience current trends and social affairs.

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to have met some of the most talented individuals right here on LinkedIn. Through our mutual networking we have formed excellent relationships that have now turned into business partnerships as well as lasting friendships.

I am very fortunate to call Las Vegas home. And for many reasons. One being that many connections made right here will at some point have a trip scheduled to the city. A city with a calendar overflowing with conventions, performances and sporting events that everyone wants to attend. These trips to Las Vegas allow us the opportunity to meet in person which in turn solidifies our relationship. Whether it is a business trip or one with the family there is always a unique experience available and it is my job to show you all the luxuries that Las Vegas has to offer.

Social Media plays a very big part in all of our industries and we all deserve to experience the greatness is has to offer. This is where the social affairs comes into play.

Landed In Luxury is for professionals everywhere, however Las Vegas is where our experiences will begin. These networking experiences will be a breed of their own and nothing close to ordinary. Buckle your seat belts (pun intended) because 2015 is going to be an incredible year for all of us. One that we have all been working hard for and one that we truly deserve to celebrate together.

Stay tuned for more Landed in Luxury…

Landed In Luxury