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Giddy Cosmetics offers Free Shipping!

3 Nov

Giddy Cosmetics is pleased to announce free shipping every Monday until Christmas. I wanted to offer something special once a week for all my online shoppers. Something to enhance their Giddy experience. I chose Monday as #MakeupMonday is a popular hashtag used around the world throughout social media. You can find anything and everything having to do with makeup under this hashtag so it seemed liked the perfect day to offer free shipping. And who doesn’t like to begin their week with a little treat?

The Giddy Cosmetics website is very social media friendly and designed so that you can share the products on your own social media pages. Be sure to use #GiddyGirlGlam when posting so that the rest of the Giddy community can see and share as well.

Please click the links below to begin your shopping and sharing experience today!






GC Makeup Monday

Giddy Cosmetics is here!

20 Oct


Giddy Cosmetics. The Makeup That Makes You Smile!

After many years in the making, Giddy products are now available for you to purchase online!

Every brand has a story and mine is quite simple: I wanted to create a product that made you smile, while creating happiness that would last throughout the day. The beauty industry is a very overwhelming market and for someone who is new to makeup, always on the go or a pro artist, I wanted the line to be accessible to everyone. Color palettes easy to choose from, simple to use and ready to take with, which in turn would create simplicity and a true feeling of Giddy.

There are many more products that will be launching over the next few months so please be sure to follow @GiddyCosmetics on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find products and event information under #GiddyGirlGlam.

Please visit the Giddy Cosmetics website to enjoy your shopping experience today.

Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight

7 Jul

Happy Monday! Makeup Monday!  I cannot believe the response I received over the past week from my first Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight. I guess it goes to show you how many woman really appreciate all of our honest feedback and tips. That being said, I have decided to go back and ask Jolene a few more questions inspired by our followers on Social Media. Please read below for “Part Two” and check back next Monday to meet another Las Vegas Pro Makeup Artist.

KK: Do you have a signature look? Can you describe it to us?

JW: Well who doesn’t like a beautiful smokey eye? I’m definitely known for using several colors of eye shadow and blending them delicately into an amazing sultry smokey eye! And you can never go wrong with the classic cat eye and red lip.


KK: What are the most common beauty mistakes you see women making?

JW: I think trying to change your features instead of enhancing what’s most beautiful about your face is the most common mistake. I always run into women who show me photos and say “I wish I had her eyes” but the eyes they have are gorgeous and I’ll talk them into letting me enhance the natural beauty of their own and they’re always amazed! Accentuate the feature that makes you feel most confident whether it’s your eyes, lips or cheekbones then draw the attention to that.

KK: What advice would you give to someone looking to become a Professional Makeup Artist?
JW: I’d say live and breathe makeup! Look at photos, recreate looks on yourself and friends. My best friend Steven would let me do a full face of makeup on him every single night just so I could practice. Try to apprentice with someone or volunteer to do makeup for schools! We didn’t have YouTube or Google when I was just starting out but you bet your butt I would have been on there every day if we did. Beware of bad information.
Make sure that you do your research before trying a new trick or product on anyone’s face.
KK: Is there a specific type of makeup that you don’t enjoy doing?
JW: You know I never really enjoyed airbrushing makeup. When I went to school it was so new and the products weren’t really great but I’m learning they’ve come a long way and you can really get some amazing things done with an airbrush!
KK: Is there one specific artist you look up to? And why?
JW: When I first started, the Artist I really looked up to was Kevyn Aucoin. I loved his books. I still own them all and flip through them from time to time. Now there are too many to list. Makeup is truly an art and every day I’m amazed by the things I see!
There you have it! Some more exciting tips from a Pro! To follow Jolene on all her social media pages please click the links below…
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Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight

30 Jun
Happy Monday! Makeup Monday that is! I have been getting a lot of requests from clients and friends on Social Media in regards to beauty tips, so I have decided that every Monday I will dedicate my blog to makeup. I will be spotlighting some of the amazing Pro Makeup Artists that I work with and have them answer the most commonly asked questions.
Today I would like to feature Jolene Williams (@LasVegasMUA on Twitter). She has been a Pro Makeup Artist for 15 years now and is a Vegas local! I know, they actually exist. I asked Jolene to answer five questions that we commonly get asked. Scroll below to find her answers and links to all her social media pages and be sure to check back next Monday for more exciting news…
KK: How long have you been a professional makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?
JW: The beauty of makeup captured me at a very young age, I would always flip thru fashion magazines and be amazed by the makeup I saw. I always had a love for the artistic aspect of it. My mom wasn’t the type to let us wear makeup. She felt it was for adults so I didn’t really dabble too much before high school but then I made friends with kids in the theater department as a freshman. I was hanging out backstage one night when the person who was meant to do the makeup for Romeo and Juliet didn’t show so I did what any eager new artist would do; I stepped up and did all the makeup. In that moment I found my passion! I became the makeup artist for every performance from that point on. I moved to Los Angeles straight after high school and went to Makeup Designory to study beauty, hair styling, character makeup and special fx!
KK: Who or what inspires you?
JW: I’m inspired by anything that drives me to think outside the box and push the limits. Many people can do a nice, clean beautiful makeup but when I see a breath-taking makeup that’s edgy, unique and abstract that’s when my wheels are turning and my desire to create is truly sparked.
KK: What product lines would we find in your makeup kit today?
JW: You will find little bits and pieces of numerous brands at all different price points. It’s not the cost of the product but how well it does its job. I’m not a one brand artist or a strictly name brand artist. Sometimes a brand that makes amazing eye shadows and pigments doesn’t make a lipstick that I love so I stock up on shadows and I move on to another brand for lipsticks. I’m always trying new brands and products. Some of my staples are Makeup Designory (MUD), Ben Nye, Too Faced, Tarte, CoverGirl, Benefit, Vincent Longo, MAC, NYX, Revlon and I love Morphe Brushes!!
KK:What four beauty products do you think every woman should own?
JW: Mascara, lip color, a hair brush & tweezers. I feel if you have at least these four things you can make yourself look well-groomed and beautiful. You don’t need a ton of makeup to look great! Don’t be afraid to use things for more than their original purpose such as in a pinch you can use lipstick to give your cheeks or eyes a little color!
KK: What has been your favorite makeup job in your career?
Body painting for cool events and learning new skills at Skin City Body Painting has been my favorite part of my career so far! It’s a great group of artists that come together to make amazing things happen!
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