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6 Oct

Over the last few weeks I have been spending more time on Facebook. With that being said I would LOVE to follow all the pages that YOU have created and of course you can do the same for me (if you want)…

Please post your Facebook page link below so that we can all see it and let’s help each other out this week in improving our stats! I mean who isn’t working on that?

I will post my page links below and don’t forget sharing is caring. The more times this post is shared, the more people see your Facebook page which leads to more opportunities and connections that can turn into sales. WE ALL WIN!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday!



Kelly Ann Gorman

The Happy Workaholic

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New Website is LIVE!

3 Oct

Today is the day I have been waiting for and working towards for a while and thrilled I get to share it with you now…

I have redesigned and branded my WordPress website/blog for a softer, clean and classic look. Basically I wanted it to be easier for YOU to navigate around…

I know I have my hands in a lot so I wanted it to be clear of what exactly I have going on, what I’m doing and what is yet to come.

I have had to make moves in my career and personal life lately and could not be more excited and proud to be able to continue doing what I love and it is because of all of you and your support! Seriously…

My primary focus will be providing my Business and LinkedIn Coaching and training other small business owners and Entrepreneurs my brand new 15 Steps To Success program!

Practical Perfectionists, Landed In Luxury and Giddy Cosmetics will continue to grow and expand and I will have the patience to do that. I hope! lol

I’ll be posting a lot more delicious recipes under the KK Cafe page as well as painting the occasional face and blogging right here on LinkedIn as The Happy Workaholic

I am excited to continue my journey of what I am most passionate about which is helping and working with others and overall being a happy, healthy, positive and productive woman on a mission.

Please take your time, have a look around, sign up to receive my weekly newsletter (they will go out on Wednesday), follow me on my social media pages and of course let me know what you think! 

Thank you again for all of your support. I could not have done this without you! 





30 Sep

What makes a great LinkedIn Summary? What should be included? Should you style it like a resume or add your personality? Do you even need one? These are some of the most asked questions I answer in my LinkedIn Profile Coaching Services.

And guess what? This month I am offering 30 minute FREE consultations just for YOU. My LinkedIn followers! Why you ask? Because I have decided to pay it forward as I received a lot of my training complimentary. I also think everyone should be aware and knowledgeable of how one simple change on your profile will allow you to expand your connections and reach tremendously.

I know this as I indeed was that person a year ago not believing what an impact these little changes could have. Whether you are looking for a job, recruiting job candidates, getting back into the working world these simple changes matter and will change the way you look at this wonderful platform we know as LinkedIn!

So…If you are ready to get some FREE tips and tricks to spruce up your profile please message me or email me at kelly@kellyanngorman.com to book your appointment before all my slots are filled up. I still have a few this Friday and next week!

Wishing you a wonderful week!


*Disclaimer. All slots have been filled. To register please visit here…



29 Sep

Today is a great day! Over the last few weeks I have had to make some life and career decisions (as you know) and after many years of planning and weeks of finalizing I have decided to launch my brand new 15 Steps To Success today! This is a Business Coaching/Consulting Program that I have personally created. I am thrilled and very lucky to be doing what I love which is helping others! My original plan was to launch this on Monday but I just couldn’t wait! So here it is…


I have personally created 15 Steps To Success that will allow you to learn, grow and really LOVE what YOU do! I strategically put this system in place while taking examples from my very own experiences in business. I’ve lived and learned a few times over which has now allowed me the opportunity to be coaching and doing what I really LOVE to do and that is helping others!

I have designed some great business plans throughout my career which have had wonderful success and some that have just totally flopped. With that being said I have learned from my mistakes and also learned how to perfect anything that comes my way.

And now I am going to show YOU how it is done! Check out the 15 Steps To Success that I will be coaching you through so that we can make YOU dream a reality…

15 Steps To Success

1. Building Your Brand and Community

2. Logo and Layout

3. Do Your Research

4. Calculate Your Competition

5. Get Organized and Scheduled

6. Setting Up Social Media

7. WordPress Your Website

8. Blogging, Newsletters and Networking

9. Target Your Market

10. LinkedIn Coaching

11. Game Plan or Game Over

12. Keeping The House Clean

13. Planning Production

14. Make That Money

15. Do You

Pre-Launch pricing will be available until 10/2 and there are only 10 spots available. Please click the link below to read all about this fantastic program. Cannot wait to hear your feedback…

Click here to sign Up Now!…15 Steps to Success

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


PS Sharing is caring so please feel free to share with someone who you think would LOVE this as much as I do!



25 Jan

I cannot believe we are more than halfway into the first month of 2016. Time is truly flying by. As we are all on a mission trying to take over this new year with our clients, business plans and various agendas there is one thing we must keep in mind and that is ETIQUETTE. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE.

I have learned a lot over the past year both personally and professionally and even more on LinkedIn. And in 2016 I am going to start sharing more of it (hope you’re ready). Some business relationships worked and some did not. It’s Trial and Error but that’s life right? We win some and we loose some…

Moving into this amazing new year what we all must keep in mind is that “little” Golden Rule that we all learned when we were 5 years old. “Always Treat Others the Way you Want To Be Treated”.

I know that we are sitting behind a computer screen so sometimes we forget, however there is no excuse for poor manners and/or etiquette.

Today I would like to share a few rules I have when it comes to LinkedIn Business Etiquette.

1. Please and Thanks You’s. They go a long way. A very long way…

2. Email Etiquette. Copy and Paste is OK but please put my name on top so I know you care just a little bit AND because it makes me feel special (especially in the middle of a stressful day).

3. Research. Do your research! One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tries to sell me something and they haven’t done their research. All you have to do is visit my LinkedIn profile or website. It takes two minutes to do and in the long run be beneficial for both parties involved. ie: You email me to help sell your makeup line. I have a makeup line! And you would know that if you just took two minutes of your time to read over my profile.

4. Spam. Inbox AND Email? Seriously! It’s just not needed. I hope it works with what you’re selling but it’s just not for me. If you’re going to take the time to send this information out at least make it personal and from a “real” person. We come to LinkedIn to meet and network with other like-minded professionals so please don’t ruin that for us.

5. Leaving LinkedIn. You have moved past the inbox messaging. The next step is email and now you’re on the phone. Manners is everything and professionalism is key to long lasting relationships. Is it ok to text? Sure but mile long texts? Just send an email. It is so much easier, especially when you are really trying to do some business together. When and if you are able to meet your new LinkedIn connection is person please dress appropriately. It just shows how serious you are and it is just common sense.

6. The Follow Up. Following up is key in every business. But how do we know when to do it? Depending on the circumstance I give it three to five days. If you are in the middle of a business deal and there is no follow up, what does that tell you? What I do is take notes and document everything so that it doesn’t become annoying to the person on the other end. Everyone is busy however if you are on my Instagram liking my pictures why can’t you answer my dam email? Just a question? It’s the little things that matter the most and these are just my rules I live by.

I apologize if this post was a little blunt. However, it is real. And if you would like to learn more about LinkedIn Etiquette or my new LinkedIn Business Coaching program please visit my website here and sign up today…

You know I love feedback so please leave your comments below…




21 Dec

LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular by the day for businesses and professionals all around the world!

If you are in need of an updated profile, more sales leads, new job, brand visibility or just a basic lesson please allow me the opportunity to help you with my LinkedIn Coaching Services.

Every package is customized to benefit you in the best way possible.
Below are a list of topics I go over in your coaching session(s).

To get started please contact me here.

Perfecting your profile
Personality coaching
How to line up meetings
Please and thank you’s
Social selling
Publishing platform
How to promote
Referrals and Connections
How to become an Industry Expert
Small Business Tutorial
Visibility in search engines