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12 Nov

Introducing my newest Luxury Experience…

The H.M. Cole Custom Suit Experience

A custom suit is the signature piece of any wardrobe. The H.M. Cole Custom Suit Experience is more than just shopping for a suit. It’s a sophisticated experience with a Personal Clothier unlike any other. Your consultation is done in the comfort of your own home or convenience of your hotel room.

Precision is key when designing a custom-made suit. Your Personal Clothier will take 28 measurements and body specifications in order to create your custom wardrobe pieces. Once your order is complete it will be personally delivered to you within an aggressive timeline of 1-2 weeks.

H.M. Cole specializes in crafting custom clothing for all aspects of your life; professional attire, casual wear, formal dress and even outerwear.

Your Personal Clothier will advise and help you with every aspect of your custom piece: colors, styles, collars, fabrics, and individual details.

H.M. Cole products are handmade, scissors to cloth, using no machine cut patterns or computer automated design (CAD) systems.

Whether you are a Las Vegas local, in the city on business or traveling throughout the country an H.M. Cole Personal Clothier has the ability to work with you at any time and place.

This experience is perfect for wedding parties and Businessmen on the go that appreciate both fashion and service.